Futuro Primitivo is a musical journey created by the argentine composer Matyas Mon.

It started in 2008, when Matyas uploaded to MySpace (the biggest social network at the time) a snippet version of what later would end up being ‘Below the Radar’. In its first week online, the tune was reproduced 12,000 times and, because of lots of requests, in 2009 Futuro Primitivo released its first conceptual LP ‘Everyday Life is War’. In 2010 was followed by ‘Yesterday Was Ok, Today Is Dramatic’ (the single Wake Up! was featured on the british pioneering album/app Enter Calico)

Ambient music? Neo-classical? Post-electronica? Nu-jazz? IDM? All that combined! In Futuro Primitivo european melodies merge with africanists rhythms, all made entirely with computers (no analog instruments, voices or recordings are used). With Futuro Primitivo, Matyas delves deep into sound designing and avant garde music production, exploring unconventional sounds, melodies and structures in electronic music.

In 2016, after several years of absence, Futuro Primitivo returns with the singles ‘Miniröcke’s Afterworld’, an homage to the argentine artist Angeles Casares, and ‘This Is Always (Revisited)’.

Enjoy the ride!